What is it?

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on the muscles and fascia in a deeper way, using Myofascial release techniques.

Fascia is a fluid based connective tissue, which covers and penetrates everything in the body (like webbing) providing support and resilience from within. Fascia can become thick, dry, tight and sticky due to bad posture, injury and chronic and stress related tension. Because of this, it has a direct impact on all aspects of body function.

What does it help to correct?

Deep tissue massage aims to “melt and unstick and restore fluidity” of the muscle fibres and fascia, layer by layer, releasing patterns of tension, using fists, fingers, thumbs elbows and forearms with long and short, firm pressured stokes.

This type of massage may cause some soreness during and after the treatment, as it usually focuses on more specific problem areas. However, any pain or discomfort should subside within a day or two. This is a very beneficial treatment (if done regularly) for a wide range of conditions.