Truely Ironed Out

I would like to thank Patrick for his perseverance and giving me a new kick start in life.

I am sixty two years of age and work in a care home and the biggest fault I made was not listening to my body crying for help due to the daily abuse it gets at work.

After the first consultation with Patrick I knew this was not going to be a one day only visit.

Sometimes you have to listen to people who are professionals.

After a few visits to Patrick I can say without any doubt that the treatments are giving me a better understanding of how the body reacts to the work that I do.

He also gives you exercises tailored to your requirements to do on a daily basis to help keep the body supple and speed the progress of recovery.

Going to Patrick is an education on the workings of the body and he takes time to explain to you the correct way to look after yourself.

I can recommend a visit to Patrick to anybody even if it is just for a consultation

 He will give you a true opinion and the rest is left to you to make your mind up without any pressure on having to attend his clinic.

It is true when they say (no pain no gain) but the results speak for themselves.

Vivien Baker
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