Totally Worth It!

I am a Mayfair based jeweller, which in my trade means alot of sitting down, hunching over and very little movement.

After a while, like so many of us in our trade, lower back pains started to arise.

I did the usual, physio and orthopedic stuff......nothing really helped, well not for any amount of time anyway.

I went to see Patrick, told him my position and circumstances about my lower back pains......and then he started treating a completly different part of my body.

Completly confused I asked him what he was doing, and he then went on to explain how everything is connected and you cannot get

that part better without getting this part sorted first......with raised eyebrows I agreed with him, not to sure but trusting his judgement.

After a couple more sessions, sure enough, back pain was gone!

Not to mention my posture was a heck of alot better, actually walked out of there a couple of inches taller.

Totally recommend Massage 1st to any and everyone, TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!!


Darren Sherwood
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