The Therapy I Needed

Working on a computer can seriously damage your health.

As a designer, stuck in front of a Computer all day, I had heard this warning before. And along with the warnings on cigarette packets,
and my mother’s nagging, I ignored it. Until, I started getting constant pain undermy shoulder blades, a sore neck and ever-increasing headaches.
But it was the onset of full-blown migraines that got peeled me from the monitor, andgot me looking for help.

My GP referred me to osteopaths, physiotherapists, and a variety ofunpronounceable ‘ologists’. Nothing worked. Indeed, the headaches got worse.
In desperation I even embarrassed myself at the local Yoga classes.Help eventually came in the form of Patrick. He was recommended to me by one of my best friends, who highly praised his approach to massage
and healing. I was at my wit’s end. I booked a session with.

From the word go I realised Massage1st was going to be different. Patrick was the first practitioner to identify
that years of misuse hadresulted in my body being out of alignment. He immediately identified the domino effect on my
body, and proceeded to undo decades of damage.

With every session I felt the benefit. I felt more relaxed, and themanipulations got deeper.
Within 3 sessions my headaches started clearing. Within 5 I was regaining correct shoulder movement.
My posture was improving and with it, amazingly, I had gained nearly an inch in height. Throughout Patrick taught me body awareness.

He gave me a mind-body tool for life.

The headaches are gone, and the backache too. Hopefully one day I’ll manage to get rid of that computer too.

6 Aug 2008

Lucian Adamoli
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