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As keen runner, I decided to run a marathon. Too quickly I started an intense training program.

High mileage too soon led to one of the top 5 runner’s injury: shin splints.

I ran the marathon in pain, and after that I rested for few months.

During this time I was recommended to orthopaedic who prescribed me orthotics and regular stretching exercise.

I also went to two different physiotherapists and the only *benefits* I remember were the 30 minutes of pain I was going through during the massage and the sore legs the days after.

I did the marathon in September and in February I started slowly to resume my training.

The pain came back very soon, even if with low mileage runs. So I had to stop again.
I started talking to Patrick and, having nothing to loose, I decided to
give it a go.

Patrick soon identified all my bad habits, from my posture to my running
movements. Together with releasing a lot of tensions from my muscles,
he helped me to become aware of any part of the body that I used during
my running, and also during my cycling. The massages started from soft
and gradually moved into a deeper level. Even after the most “intense”
sessions, I was still able to train the following day.

My pain has now reduced dramatically and I regularly follow the advices
that Patrick gave to me. I have now resumed my normal running mileage.
Seeing Patrick, It is not only a moment of relax but it is also
essential if you want to train regularly and be pain-free.

Don't wait for the legs to breakdown before taking them to service!

Marilena, member of Hercules Wimbledon AC

Marilena Deluca
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