Massage1st therapeutic massage is great

In 1994, I had surgery for a disc problem in my lower back. This initially seemed to cure me of the horrendous pain I was in, until some years later, BANG! I was in excruciating pain again.

Oh no I thought, not again all that I went through and now this! Anyway, I was told by a young man working for a well known chiropractors, "there is nothing I can do for you, the structures of your back have been altered and will no longer be or have the same stability it should! You need some deep tissue massage 1st, and come back and see us in the future. I can recommend a man who can help in a different way…"

For some reason either spiritual or not I really believed I was going to get somewhere this time and walked out of the practice and have never needed to return. And here is why, when you visit Patrick or he visits you, "HAVE FAITH." Take the time to talk and explain how your back is and tell him and let him assist you in his own special way.

Let any good advice be absorbed into your body and let his hands and strength work on your "mind and body." Do not fight against it and I can assure you if you obtain regular visits to get on the right path and help yourself, when you come home etc. you will get better and if you not to far down the line as I was, you will NOT need surgery which in of most cases is unnecessary in my experience. "Prevention is better than a cure."

The bottom line and main lesson here is simple, if your "pre surgery," see this man to prevent serious problems in the future. If like me you have been operated on "POST SURGERY" see Patrick and obtain some proper treatment and advice, and maintain your back through exercises and stretches and I can assure you, you can have your near normal life back! And if there is nothing wrong with you, get an M.O.T, his therapeutic massage is great. "Your move."

Iain Huxley
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