Life Is More Comfortable

After being recommended to Patrick by one of our friends, having suffered many years from aches, pains and strains to our upper bodies and necks through sporting activities and bad working practices which have given us poor postures and reduced mobility in recent years, we decided to make an appointment to find out if Patrick could be of help to us in making life a little more comfortable.

Our first session was a surprise to us since after discussing our problem areas with Patrick he was not only able to locate the sources of our problems very quickly, but was able to commence immediately on manipulating our bodies towards the road to recovery.  However, as with any changes made to the body’s structure our initial reactions were quite painful, lasting for several days since our muscles had not been manipulated in such a way and had become locked in inappropriate positions.

After several somewhat painful sessions we did however, not only notice the benefits of Patrick’s endeavours, but the discomfort in being manipulated was much reduced and became more tolerable.  As with any form of deep tissue massage the manipulation of the muscles can be painful at times but the results are more than worth it.  Several sessions later our bodies have become far more tolerant to the manipulation procedures and after leaving Patrick’s premises we have been able to carry on our day to day activities without any noticeable discomfort and have become more flexible.

Patrick has a very calm, smooth and professional approach to massaging the required parts of the body without any sudden or jarring movements and is more than willing to explain the reasons for any part of the massage technique being given during a session. 

Having received the benefits of Patrick’s talented hands we have already recommended several other, very grateful, people to visit him and we will continue to do so since our lives have been transformed in a very beneficial manner.

David & Irene Hamond
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