In A League Of His Own

I am a former world ranked professional squash player, that was inside the worlds top 100. Having had frequent massages in the past, and seen a lot of different massage specialists when i was on the squash circuit. Patrick has got my body to respond and function better than ever before.

Patrick is giving me a full body deep tissue massage, with more emphasis on the hip and leg regions. This is due to me having osteoarthritis in both my hip joints. He has been improving the way my body feels, with an excellent knowledge of alignment and total body structure. Patrick has spent one hour every 2-3 weeks, bringing my body back to life. I am eternally grateful.

His excellent work has enabled me to play Division 1 squash in the surrey cup leagues again, which i never thought possible with a lifetime disability

For me, he is the best massage therapist I have been to and is in a league of his own"


Eric Joseph John McAlpine
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