Kung Fu Training and shoulder injury, sorted!

In recognition of the benefit that I have been afforded by Pat’s knowlege and expertise in body alignment, I felt that I might put pen to paper and assist other people in finding a practitioner of both Martial Arts and Sports Massage with confidence.

I have practiced Chinese Martial Arts since 1984 and have studied under various Instructors in that time. Indeed I remember training alongside Pat when we were both much younger. I have also recently had the benefit of Pat’s skills as a massage therapist for Sports Injuries.

Therefore I feel qualified to comment on his effectiveness and his approach in both fields.

This is primarily for the benefit of those seeking expert advice and guidance such as I have received myself from Pat.

Having suffered a longstanding soft tissue shoulder injury which was progressively getting worse over time and curtailing my range of movement, caused and aggravated by poor training instruction with incorrect posture.

After a short course of Deep Tissue Massage and advice and guidance on correct posture and body alignment, my martial arts has improved exponentially and healing of my shoulder has been encouraged as well as preventing further problems from incorrect training.

I wholeheartedly recommend you contact Pat if you wish to address any issues concerning your training, injuries or fitness.

Pat has a solid background in chinese martial arts and has trained Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu for many years.

I have the deepest respect for Pat’s knowledge base, his skills and his understanding of why we do what we do.

Pat’s insight into body alignment and his ability to deliver effective relief for injuries incurred through sport or bad posture is practical and effective.

His understanding and explanations of the philosophy behind Kung Fu practices and massage techniques is reassuring.

I am pleased to say that I am once again training full time and am no longer plagued with pain.

Cheers Pat


James Brown
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