Just give it a try

After going from a physical day to day job, I was asked to do a bit in the office and have not left since.  

I had been going to a chiropractor to iron out the usual niggles and aches and pains that comes with getting old.

Due to the cost going up what seamed every month I turned to another form of therapy, Osteopath. 

This, although it was a longer season, did not really offer me relief on what I required. 

I then found Patrick on line and he suggested I came around for a trial period and I have been back every month at least since.

Aches and pains are eased and suggested exercises day to day helps until I get to see him again. 

I now feel like I get valve for money for a treatment and can physically walk out feeling a lot better with my body. 

Would highly recommend to anyone that suffers from muscle pain or bad posture, he is very approachable, just give it a try.

Adam Noctor
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