Feel 100% better

"A friend recommended Patrick to me and I’m so pleased he did.

I had been having problems with my back for several months and getting physiotherapy but this appeared to have little, if any benefit.

Even after the first session with Patrick I could feel the improvement and after 4-5 sessions, I was like a new woman and could get back to the gym.

Patrick kindly gave me advice on stretches to do and I haven’t had any issues with my back since then.

That was several years ago. I have always suffered with shoulder and neck pain and feel a lot of tightness in that area.

This is likely from bad posture at my desk and tension, so I now see Pat on a regular basis to ease out aching muscles and keep things on an even keel.

As always, after leaving, I feel 100% better! I would definitely recommend Patrick; he manages to find just where the problem is and how to release the tension. "

Michelle Egan
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