Extending my squash life

Patrick was recommended to me by my friend and fellow squash player Eric Mcalpine about 5 years ago.

He has been helping me every couple of weeks for the last 4 years during which time I have had no injury problems.

My muscles are naturally very tight and I used to have persistent bad back problems because of muscle strength imbalance and poor posture due to my height.

Each session Patrick will work on the parts of the body which require loosening and stretching out.

He completely understands how all parts of the body link together, can diagnose any problem you may have and find a solution.

No cause is lost is his genuine belief! He not only gives effective proper deep tissue massage but will combine that with stretches, advices and extra exercises to be done in your own time to maintain and build on the improvements.

When I first saw Patrick I was about to stop competitive squash due to immobility and constant back pain but now I am still playing county standard squash approaching 50 years old,

so thank you Patrick for extending my squash life and the help you have provided me.

Guy Olby
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