Changed the quality of my life

I have been a practicing podiatrist for 20 years.This means 20 years of being hunched over 1000's of pairs of feet. It had really taken its toll on my back especially my shoulders. It had got to the stage where my work was being compromised, I was in constant pain in my upper back and shoulders and had daily headaches.

My G.P gave me a series of physiotherapy influenced exercises which made not an ounce of difference. Then I decided to try massage and went to a local practitioner who used hot stones and lots of different massage machines.

She said I had the stiffest shoulders she had ever dealt with and after 3 months of treatment with very little improvement she advised me to see a chiropractor. Feeling rather depressed about the whole sorry business and sick of popping paracetamol, a friend recommended Patrick.

What an experience! This was a massage with a difference. After taking a full history; he knew exactly where my problem was originating from and hit the spots. Where as before the massages had been relaxing and that was all, this was deep and manipulative.

I felt a significant change after my first treatment and by the third my headaches were gone and the aching much reduced. By 6 treatments, my posture, lower and upper back were all a lot better and now 6 months on, I only attend once a month.

This treatment has literally changed the quality of my life 10 fold and I can continue with my profession where as before I was considering early retirement.

Angela Davis
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