Better than the "Physio"

I was recommended to Patrick by my daughter Shelley.

As a fitness instructor she thought a trip to Patrick would be helpful to my fitness campaign enabling me to become more agile

If you have ever been to Patrick just for a general massage then you will know this is Shelley getting her own back from being told off as a child.

It only took one visit to Patrick to find out that getting agile was not going to be a quick fix.

At this point I would like to give Patrick the recognition that he deserves, he has the ability to take a person that has neglected his body over many years in sport and to be able to carry on doing the things in sport that most sixty year olds can only dream of.

After having two major operations where muscle damage could not be prevented, Patrick was at hand to work on the post operation period that is so important after any surgery.   

 I truly thank him for his professionalism and dedication that he commands in this industry and for the addiction you have given me to have more massages.

Mike Baker
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