I have been visiting Patrick for about 3 years and would highly recommend him. Initially I went because of some lower back pain, which was not getting better with osteopathy, but which Patrick sorted out for me in a couple of sessions - I have not had any lower back pain since.

I sit in front of a computer for about 8 hours a day and I sometimes start to get niggles and aches and pains in my arms/neck/shoulders. A session with Patrick gets rid of these instantly. I'm sure if Patrick hadn't been recommended to me I'd be a walking wreck!

I find the sessions relaxing, therapeutic and educational (as I learn more about how our bones and muscles work together, and about different fitness techniques). Patrick's knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy/function is outstanding (I studied medicine and my knowledge is a fraction of Patrick's!)

Definitely a 5 star service - Thanks Patrick!


Lidia Siem
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