The Cat Stretch - Done Daily This seies of movements can be done everyday, to remind your brain to keep flexible and free from discomfort. The best time to do them is when you wake up in the morning, but they can be done any time of the day. Enjoy! Like all Somatic Exercises, these movements should be done slowly, gently, and with maximum awareness. Do them in a free and esay manner. 1. Arch & Flatten: Lying on your back [with knees bent], arch and flatten your lower back, inhaling while going up and exhaling while going down. Repeat 5 times over 30 seconds.  

Massage1st is a professional massage clinic, providing holistic therapy, treating the body as a whole and not as a part. Specializing in Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Swedish and Sports Massage, dealing with chronic and postural imbalances, for both those who are physically active and non-active. As a leading Croydon/London Massage Clinic, we deliver effective and enjoyable treatments to always meet and exceed your expectations. We are easy to find, located in Heathview Road, Thornton Heath. We serve the massage therapy needs of the local and surrounding communities of Surrey and beyond.

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