Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu is a very powerful and direct "internal" system.

It develops incredible power (gen), that is very flowing and explosive, power that is heavy, fast and penetrating, especially when using the famous "gou choi" (circular fist).

The power developed is through "internal" training concepts, which relies on body alignment, tendons and "intention," rather than on an "external" one, which relies on large muscles and momentum.

The "internal" way produces elasticity and thickness of the tendons to release the explosive power and the inner layers of the muscles in the torso and waist to achieve core stability, giving a rounded thickness and density to the body, which helps to protect vulnerable areas such as the ribs, solar plexus, throat and internal organs.

It is an incredible art and when taught "correctly", it can help not only to reverse structural problems, but increase structural alignment, which once achieved will allow you to train any style with ease and power increases exponentially, "The more you train the more you gain". There really is no end to what you can achieve, it gets better and better.

Southern Praying Mantis is a complete system, considered to be a healing art and of a high level amongst other mantis systems and has something for everyone, whether it is for self defence or developing the body for health and longevity.


Venue: TBA.


He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior.
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