Whiplash occurs when the soft tissues in the spine are stretched and strained after the body is thrown in a sudden, forceful jerk. The injury most commonly occurs in car accidents involving sudden deceleration, but the injury can also occur in other strenuous physical activities such as diving.

The most frequent complaints are headaches and stiffness in the neck and the back of the head. These symptoms appear within the first couple of days after the accident and usually pass after a few days to a few weeks.

Unfortunately, many people develop continuing symptoms after a whiplash trauma and develop what is known as whiplash syndrome. They suffer continual headaches and pain, reduced movement at the back of the neck, tingling in the arms, lumbar pains, fatigue, sleep disruptions and reduced libido, symptoms can persist for months or even years before settling and even then there can even be residual long-term discomfort.

However, whiplash is still a strain injury and, as with other similar injuries, the initial application of rest and ice are advised followed by massage therapy, which should be tailored according to the severity of the condition.

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