Shin Splints

Shin splints is a general term used to refer to a painful condition in the shins. The medical term for the condition is medial tibial syndrome.

Anterior Shin Splints

Attributed to:

Lack of gastrocnemius flexibility, significant strength discrepancy between dorsiflexors and planterflexors


Overtraining – especially early in the season, sprinting, uphill running – forward body lean, sudden changes in running surface, stiff training shoes, over striding on downhill work, training on hard surfaces and poor posture.


Pain, point tenderness, tightness or swelling, increased pain with active dorsiflexion and passive planter flexion.


Posterior Medial Shin Splints


Pronated foot or ‘flat feet’, crowned roads, indoor tracks with banked turns, uneven ground, beach running.


Pain, point tenderness, arch or foot pain, increased pain with active planter flexion and inversion.


R.I.C.E followed by deep tissue massage therapy to break down adhesions and chronic strain patterns, realign fascia and other connective tissues, loosen and lengthen tight dorsiflexors and strengthen,weak and stretched planterflexors.

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