So which one are you?

Your posture will determine the effectiveness of what ever you do, be it physical or mental.

At some stage in most peoples lives, their posture will change.

Many factors can attribute to this, from birth, being right or left handed, stuck in one postion all day, RSI or an injury, etc.

A change in posture will have a knock on effect and the body will respondĀ  by compensating for it.

Physically leading to pain, mostly muscular and possibly neural. Mentally, the emotional state will become negative, in both cases not good for your health or your life.

What can be done?

Firstly, any tight and inhibited muscles holding you in this new posture must be released,this can be done with massage therapy, so Massage1st.

Secondly, corrective exercises.

It is very important that the tight and inhibited muscles are released, otherwise they will become more dominant and make your posture worse!

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